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Harmony mandala sticker

Harmony mandala sticker


An original and unique handmade mandala with frequencies of healing and light.

A cool colorful mandala, printed on a vinyl sticker, to decorate a design and atmosphere.

The message from the mandala - The harmony mandala brings balance between heaven and earth.
Gives inner balance, peace, inner silence and harmony to the environment in which it depends.
It is great for opening the heart, tolerance and acceptance of others without judgment.

  • More on the mandala sticker

    Dimensions - The mandala sticker comes in a circle with a diameter of 16 cm.
    Materials - The mandala is painted in acrylic colors, comes professionally printed on a vinyl sticker.

    The sticker is water resistant

    uses- Laptop sticker, car sticker, for sticking on walls and furniture, sticker on ceramics, sticker on glass, sticker on surfboards, sticker on windows, sticker on marble, sticker on wood, sticker for binder covers, sticker for folders and more...
    There are endless places to put the wonderful mandala sticker and bring energies of light!

    to paste-The paper must be removed from the back and attached to the gluing surface. The surface must be cleaned before sticking the sticker.

    the quality of the products- All our products are professionally printed on extremely high quality materials.

    ***For more details and special requests such as a special personal order in different sizes or printing on other materials you can contact us personally at 054-6722273 and we will be happy to help.

    Please note: there may be slight changes in the colors of the mandala, due to the changing light display between the screens.

    The sizes in the pictures are for illustration only and are not exact.

    A little about the creative process-

    The original mandalas are painted by the artist Atalia on canvas, in acrylic colors. 

    Each finished mandala is sent for artistic photography and later printed on canvas, stickers, magnets, or quality paper. 

    The prints come in different sizes. 

    On a personal note- You are invited to feel which mandala speaks to you the most, which mandala do you like the most, which mandala intrigues you, it is probably the mandala that suits you best right now!

    If you are looking to buy a mandala as a birthday gift for a friend or girlfriend, a gift for mom or dad, a gift for a new mother or a wedding gift, close your eyes for a moment, think about who you want to bring the gift to, take a breath and when you open your eyes, see what is the first mandala that comes to mind. This is probably the best mandala to bring as a gift.

  • Delivery time and shipping

    Deliveries to the whole country -

    Delivery of the products between 7-14 business days from the day of the order.

    For an urgent order, or shipping abroad, please contact us by phone.

  • Product return policy

    If you are not interested in the item you received for any reason, you can return it to us without cancellation fees and receive a refund. Please contact Tel. 054-6722273 and I will try to help, if it still doesn't work out, all you have to do is send the item back to us within 14 days of receiving it, and make sure that it has not been used in any way and that no defect/damage has occurred to it._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

    The shipping cost back to us will be at your expense. 

    The credit will be received within a maximum of 14 days from the date the item is returned, against the credit card from which the order was placed. The refund will be made against the same conditions of the original transaction (that is: a transaction made in installments will be credited accordingly, and a transaction charged through a single payment will be credited with one payment). 

    For more details you can contact us by phone: 054-6722273.

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