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Mandala coloring pages - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Mandala coloring pages - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Original coloring pages, for instant download and digital printing.
I recommend that you sit in a pleasant place, listen to calm music,
It's time to pay attention to breathing, to the inner peace and to the creative part that exists in you.
Have fun coloring!
  • data

    * The mandala can be printed without limitation, as long as it is for personal use only 😊
    * After payment you will receive a file to download
    * The file can be printed as is, but without the option of editing and changing
    * Make sure the print settings are set on the printer to 100% size
    * The format for one-sided printing 
    * PDF digital download

    * This is a digital product, no physical product will be shipped  
    * The colors on the site are for illustration only 

     גודל דף :    21 X 29.7 ס"מ _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_A4

    These coloring pages were drawn in pencil and then scanned and delicately processed, to maintain authenticity and clean lines. 
    All the coloring pages are in a PDF file, so you can save them on your computer and print them several times (as long as it is for personal use only), 
    It is recommended to try different color combinations and painting techniques.

    The recommended colors for coloring the mandala: pencil colors, markers, watercolor, pastel.
    The pictures are for illustration and giving ideas for color combinations.


  • Coloring as healing for the soul

    Mandala coloring is known as a powerful tool for healing yourself

    Coloring the mandala helps us in:

    * Releasing stress and reducing anxiety

    * To reach calmness and peace

    *Improving the ability to focus and concentrate and maintaining brain health

    *Bringing us into a meditative state

    * To meet the quiet place that exists within us

    * An expression of our creative places

    *reach a balance

    * Connect to the power in us
    Little by little with the coloring, something starts to relax inside you. A good time to pay attention to your breathing, maybe choose relaxing music for you (there are recommendations on the website, on my blog).
    I recommend choosing the colors according to intuition, according to what the hand is drawn to take. Without planning and without thinking.
    At the end, you can frame and hang the painted mandala, as a picture for decoration and inspiration, or as the Tibetans do, simply release the mandala, or give it as a gift.
    If you saw that the coloring did you good, it is recommended to repeat the process and paint another mandala (there is no danger in exaggerating the coloring).

    Repetition is the mother of all skills, little by little the head will get used to being more quiet and little by little we will be able to space between thoughts.

    Now is the time to start a new journey! Paint your world in colors of calm, pleasure, joy and love!

    Fun coloring 😊

  • Terms of Use

    This digital file is for personal use only.
    You may not share, resell, reproduce or distribute this file.
    No refunds will be given after downloading the files.
    If you have a question or special request, contact us on the contact page and I will answer as quickly as possible.

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