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מדבקה מנדלה


healing and light

Hi, my name is Atlia

Artist and healer, mother, woman of spirit, nature and spaces.

Engaged in holistic treatment for over 20 years.

Lives and breathes yoga.

For me, awareness and personal development is a way of life. 
A life of healthy body and mind

Unconditional love, harmony, patience, compassion and gratitude.

I believe in self-realization and the fulfillment of the dreams in the heart.

My mission is to spread love, healing, peace and joy

I invite you to join my world, hear my life journey   and get inspiration from it for you.

מדבקת מנדלה
צביעת מנדלות
מנדלות לצביעה להוריד לחץ
צביעת מנדלות להוריד לחץ
מנדלות יפות
מנדלה לצביעה
צביעת מנדלות
צביעת מנדלות
מנדלות לצביעה

The meaning of the word mandalaIt is a "circle", which represents perfection and connects us to infinity

The mandalas bring with them frequencies of healing and light. The mandalas bring an atmosphere of joy, calm and renewal. The process of creating the mandalas has become a therapeutic tool in many places around the world, you can use this mandala for meditation purposes, sit quietly and relax, pay attention to your breath and simply watch the mandala, allow yourself to be in connection.

Mandala stickers, colorful and bright, original and unique, handmade, to decorate a design and atmosphere, come professionally printed on a vinyl sticker, water resistant. Each mandala has its own message. Uses - for sticking on a laptop, car sticker, for sticking on furniture, for sticking on ceramic tiles, glass, windows, wood, binder covers, surfboards and more... there are endless places to put the mandala stickers to bring energies of light, joy and love!

Original image for home design. Suitable for anyone who wants to bring harmony, calm and peace, a pleasant atmosphere, healing and color to the space in which it hangs. Decorative item, for decorating the interior of the house. Recommended for hanging in the spaces of the house, for decorating the living room, adding color and light to the family space or for decorating the dining area. A designed image, excellent for decoration and bringing healing energy to the clinic or office design. Suitable for children's rooms with personal taste, or to bring passion and calmness to a bedroom.
Whether you are looking for a picture to decorate your home or you are looking to bring a gift to a friend a unique picture you can wander and find your picture among the selection of pictures.


Mandala coloring pagesUnique with beautiful sentences for life.
Coloring pages for relaxation, connection to breathing, inner peace and the creative part that exists in us. Downloadable file, ready to print.

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