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הסיפור שלי

Hi, my name is Atlia.

Artist and healer, mother, woman of spirit, nature and spaces.

Engaged in holistic treatment for over 20 years.

Lives and breathes yoga.


For me, awareness and personal development is a way of life. 

A life of healthy body and mind.

Unconditional love, harmony, patience, compassion and gratitude.

I believe in self-realization and the fulfillment of the dreams in the heart.

My mission is to spread love, healing, peace and joy.

I invite you to join my world, to hear my life journey
and get inspiration from him for you


I grew up in Haifa, in the Carmel mountains, the daughter of a believing, traveling and creative family. Already as a child, my heart was open to creativity and freedom. I saw myself as a combination of my childhood heroines:  Bilby - an eternal girl, independent and adventurous, freed from the limitations of the adult world.

And I was a mountain girl - a happy girl, loving nature and helping people. This is how I grew up in my dreams.

The connection to nature, together with the connection to a life of awareness, was realized when I moved to live with my family in Mitzpe Ramon,

There I grew up and grew up with my two sons.

Within the desert expanse, I discovered the movement. My inner movement, which combined with the movement of the desert. I found the external and tangible expression of this movement in mandalas. Through their creation, I gave a visual, colorful and circular expression to my inner frequency. It was a spiritual process for me, in which I realized that the mandala is actually a mirror: a mirror of ourselves, of those around us, and of the universe.

The mandala reflects what is inside us, but also what we think is missing.

I realized that the mandalas I create are an expression of the therapist in me and they helped me start my studies and work as a holistic therapist. I was excited by the ability to help people, to bring healing, to touch their bodies and souls, to give them an answer to their physical and emotional health. I realized that illness can be an opportunity for growth.

Although I left the desert for many years, I continued the spiritual journey.

I developed more professionally, absorbed more knowledge and experience. I studied Thai massage, rebalancing and Cranio Scrawl.

I met energy healing through the studies of Reiki  and Theta Healing.

I studied NLP, in order to help people make a change, free themselves from past traumas and step forward to a life of realization and fulfillment. I continued with the trilotherapy method, which helped me gain inner peace and peace of mind. And since then it has been my mission to spread in the world: healing, peace of mind, inner peace, unity, love and light!

After years of treatment at the clinic, I wanted to "touch" and reach more people. In the meditations, I saw many people around me coming to receive healing, light, I asked the spirit to show me the way...through the meditation I received a call: "Bring the mandalas to the light", "The mandalas have frequencies of healing". From that moment there was no more question. I knew that I was ready to publish my work. 

This year I returned to live in the wilderness, in Mitzpe Ramon, the spirit called me to return home.

I presented my first mandala art exhibition "CELEBRATION"

At Backstage Studio  an art gallery in the Perfume Roads district.  

The exhibition was a great success.

The illuminated mandalas delighted and touched the hearts of the people.

The healing, the abundance of love, the light was felt.

A magical space of healing and light was created - a celebration!!!

As far as I'm concerned, I've been given permission to move on.

Just as the spirit called me, to spread light and goodness, also through my art.

In the guest book they wrote to me:

"Everyone needs a mandala. A mandala for spiritual fulfillment, dreams and plans. 

Thanks to Atalia for allowing an empty space to become a space of inspiration, support and strength"

And I have only to admit.

Hope I can brighten your life too.
Light and good


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